Under the Microscope

Use your Decoder Map to go under the microscope and find the tiniest details possible.  The human brain is extremely quick to make judgements based on “neuro-pathway” connections.   For Example, when you see a man in a suit and tie, you instantly think – Businessman.  Based on the way he carries himself you may go one step further and think – Executive.  

Our brain learns to connect pieces of information based on repeated information.  If you’ve seen a lot of businessmen and they have all been in suits – your brain will naturally connect the two and make similar connections.  That’s why when someone says salt……………..you reply……………pepper.  The two go together.  Your brain sees one and naturally thinks of the other. 

In some situations that kind of connection can be disastrous.  Unless our brain is forced to see things differently, we rarely go deeper than surface observations.  We need to find new ways to think of old situations.  That’s where the Decoder Map can help.   The Decoder Map forces the mind to look for clues at all levels.  It guides your mind as you build your map. 

By asking the wonderful question – why – we can lead our mind into the deepest thought possible.

For example:  Lets see if you can follow the thought process that might get you to a new conclusion to an old problem.  Let’s suppose that a wife continually argues with her husband.  The situation is so bad that she seems to pick at even the smallest decisions like where to park or what time to eat.  Let’s check out just one arm of a Decoder Map and see if it leads us to a new conclusion.

Decoder Map Title –  Wife argues with husband 

For our example, this map is being constructed by the wife.

1st. arm – I don’t like his decisions.

Piece of the puzzle – He’s been wrong before

Under the microscope – He speaks too quickly

Hum….I thought the guy didn’t get to speak at all.  She’s the one arguing.  Let’s see where this goes….

Under the microscope #2 – His Father did too.   (What does the father have to do with in marriage arguing?)

Under the microscope #3 – He wasn’t educated  (How does the education level of husband’s father effect his marriage?)

Under the microscope #4 – He lost his job       (Okay….that could be a really important clue.  Husband’s dad lost his job – that’s a scary thing.)

Under the microscope #5 – The family went bankrupt   (Big clue!  If wife has always been financially well off and husband has family history of bankruptcy – that could be why she doesn’t trust him.  That mistrust may have spilled over into simply everyday decisions.  Her fear is destroying her ability to trust her husband even on small issues.)

Under the microscope #6 – I’m afraid —–Ding, Ding, Ding…..we have a winner.  This is huge and could be a problem that will destroy the marriage.  Fear can become an overwhelming issue and if not resolved can cause other symptoms.

Forcing your mind to go as deep as possible and find the tiniest clues will help you find solutions to even the most difficult problems.

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