Fact Sheets

Dragnet was a popular detective television show from 1951 through 1970.  Joe Friday was a main character and created the famous line, “My name is Friday—I’m a cop,”  He was also famous for the line, “Just the facts, ma’am.”  He repeatedly asked, “All we want are the facts.”

Whether it’s booking an offender or talking to a victim, every police officer, detective, investigator, doctor, EMT, fireman, counselor, school teacher, parent and even pastor will eventually ask for “The Facts”.

The Fact Sheets included on this website are short snippets and deal only with the facts.  The commentary on those facts will be minimal.  However, in order for your Evidence Board and Decoder Maps to lead you to a successful conclusion – they must include all the fact sheets on your particular issue.  If you leave out an important fact sheet – your Decoder Map will be flawed.

As you build your clues chart and investigate clues of your own, it’s important to check with this category and be sure your chart includes all the “facts” pertaining to your situation.

Check the categories list daily for interesting “Fact Sheet” postings.   You may discover a microscopic fact that will lead you to a wonderful solution.

While it is not available now, our goal is to offer daily fact sheets as a separate subscription to your inbox.  We will let you know when this is available.

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