Case Studies

Part of discovering the TRUTH of any plan is to look at a Case Study.  It’s possible to form a plan based on what you know to be true, but the possible long range success of your plan can only be viewed through the window of a case study.  The desire to change our lives is usually built on the end result of another person’s life.  We begin by investigating where their choices took them as well as looking at the negative consequences of their journey.

Case studies can teach us how our evidence will ultimately play out down the road?  Can we trust the evidence to lead us to a better life 5 years, 10 years or even 40 years from now?  Can we trust the clues chart to be all inclusive?  Have we looked under the microscope so there won’t be surprises that we aren’t ready for?

Is there something in another person’s case study that doesn’t directly relate to our plan, but holds clues to new places of insight about our own situations?   

Case Studies should NEVER be about hurting someone else.  They should NEVER be about looking down our noses or rejecting another person because of their choices.  Case Studies should NEVER cause us to hate or to build walls.  Case Studies should be viewed like the parables of Jesus.  They are situational stories that lead us to conclusions we can use to develop a plan for better lives.

Case Studies do demand that we detach ourselves enough so that we can look logically at the outcomes of every lifestyle and every situational decision.  This demands great maturity on the part of those investigating the case study and those who are participants in the case study. 

Just like I explained that we all have to face the facts and evaluate the bad decisions we’ve made (we can’t ignore them and be successful) – we also need to have the freedom to investigate personal case studies and determine if we want those philosophies to impact our decisions.  

Therefore, on this site I will give you Case Studies to investigate.  BE AWARE – all names are fictional and all personal facts have been changed.  The gender, age, location, work, personality and any other distinguishing feature has been changed.  If you think you are reading the case study of a friend – you are wrong.  Some of these studies have even been combined or merged in order to hide identities. 

These are honest Case Studies.  Either I’ve read about them, heard stories from others or actually been involved in these studies.  Only distinguishing features have been changed to protect those involved.

Together we will be compassionate as we determine if we can learn any new information from the lives of others.

To read individual case studies, click on the Case Study category. 


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