Build Your Case

How well do you know the facts of a situation when it’s time to make a decision?  

Unfortunately, most people have a problem researching those facts.  Too many times we think we have all the facts and our project or decision becomes a disaster anyway.  Why???

There are times when one small microscopic piece of evidence can change everything else.  One tiny portion of an insignificant issue can have a huge impact and cause our decision to either make our lives better or create a complete disaster for our life. 

The most important thing you can do is to collect all the Evidence on any issue.  Your most important tools for making good decisions may turn out to be your Evidence Board, Decoder Map, Pieces of the Puzzle and Under the microscope (miniscule bits and pieces).  I encourage you to follow the blog postings that will help you discover “all” the TRUTH necessary to have a great life.  Together we will help you become an expert on your decisions and your life.


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