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We are excited when a writer decides to write for our site.  We feel privileged that you have chosen us and that you are willing to partner with us. 

We need content….lots of content.  When a reader learns to design a Decoder Map, he/she does so with one major question in mind – Why?  Why does my husband react this way?  Why does my teen have anger issues?  Why do I hate to clean the kitchen?  Any situation we try to Decode is full of whys. 

Since we look at every area of our lives and we are constantly asking “Why?”  we need content that encourages a reader to ask and answer those questions.  We need content on every area of our lives.  At a recent speaking event I created a Decoder Map for an attendee.  The Decoder Map was labeled  “I need less computer time and more family time”.  The Decoder Map arms included:

  • Avoiding other less attractive chores
  • Feeds self-esteem issues
  • More fun than ironing
  • Fear of losing job or asking for help

The map had seven arms and over 40 pieces of the puzzle links.  Searching for the clues and going deeper into possible related information is what we do.  Asking why and finding hidden clues will help anyone design a Decoder Map that works.

Please read through the website to get a feel for the kind of content we need.  Make sure you understand the “about” section.  If you have any questions, please contact Debbie at  debbie@debbiejansen.com

You piece does not have to include Christian references but it must come from a Christian point of view.  We will not accept pieces that promote or encourage anti-christian values.  We will accept pieces that tackle anti-christian philosophies and present a case for understanding those issues.   

Designing a Decoder Map works for both Christians and non-Christians.  It is important then that all our content is kind, understanding and geared for truth.  We will NOT accept pieces that include a mean, argumentative tone or that tear others down.  

We like pieces that tweak a subject and look for hidden clues.  For example, instead of doing a piece on lying, we would like to see a piece on “Why dishonest behaviors cause pain.”  Without using Biblical references it should be easy to build a case against lying, deception, etc. and explain how those traits will damage relationships and cause mistrust.

I am excited when a writer discovers an “Under the microscope” piece of the puzzle.  When you discover an often overlooked reason for someone’s actions – that’s a real find.  Remember that your words will change lives.  Do your research and make sure what you are suggesting is truthful.  We are committed to protecting our readers.

We prefer articles that are short and to the point.  While we prefer a word count of no more than 700, we may consider splitting a longer article into a two-part series.  Articles longer than 2,000 words will be returned without consideration.  Please feel free to shorten those and re-submit.

At this time we can’t offer payment for your article.  However, we will include a two sentence bio at the end of your article with a link to your website.  We will also include a link to your published piece in our weekly newsletter. 

Thank you again for choosing to write for The Mommy Detective.

Please send all submissions to debbie@debbiejansen.com  

 The subject line should be : Submission for the Mommy Detective Website.

Thank you,


Current Needs

Any reason (Why) couples might argue.  Pick one small piece of the puzzle and explain “why” that piece might cause a couple to disagree. 

Any reason (Why) a friend might walk away from a long time relationship

Any reason (Why) your faith may feel dry

Any reason (Why) teens are in argument/angry mode


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