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If you want guaranteed success as a writer, you need to purchase the right tools. 

It’s important for a chef to have the right knives.  It’s important for a musician to have a good instrument.  It’s important for an engineer to have a degree and a good protractor.  It’s also important for the writer to purchase tools that will ensure success. 

A writer’s most important tool is a current writer’s market book.  Purchasing a Writer’s market for the type of writing you do will ensure that you don’t waste your time or an editor’s time by sending your story to the wrong person. 

Tips like these can be found at any Writer’s Conference.  That’s why I encourage anyone that’s “serious” about writing to attend at least one writer’s conference per year.  You will be inspired, encouraged and taught all the small details that are often left out of books.  All that inspiration and teaching is done by actual publishers, editors and authors.  What a deal !!

In addition, you can make friends that share your love of writing.  Friends that will keep you encouraged all year long.  Friends that will hold you accountable and inspire you to continue writing. 

Before you upgrade to a $3,000 computer and new software, take the time to purchase the tools that will make a difference in your actual writing.  Attend one of the following conferences. 

The Mount Hermon conference is located in San Jose California.  This is always my first choice.  They usuallly have fourty or so publishers and/or authors that are easily accessible.   Hopefully I’ll see you there.

The Florida Christian Writer’s Conference is located near Orlando, Florida.  It’s a beautiful conference center and has been my second choice for a long time.

I’ve also attended The Midwest Writer’s workshop.  It’s located at beautiful Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.  It was a wonderful conference with a unique bend to each individual.

The first writer’s conference I ever attended was with American Christian Writers.  They take their conferences all over the country.  Most of them are one day only, highlight one speaker and therefore they are less expensive.  If you are just getting started, these conferences will get you started at a fraction of the cost.  If you can handle a little more, I suggest you start with their “mentoring” conference in Nashville.  At this conference you get one on one time with an editor or author.  It’s a great way to see if you have what it takes.

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