God Cares About the Ooey-Gooey days

Apr 29

What a hoot to look back at this picture.  I know!  What’s up with my hair? This article was published on Today’s Christian Woman website in May 2013. If you need a giggle today (like I do), hope this helps.  🙂   God Cares About the Ooey-Gooey days. Sometimes mothering is very very messy. by Debbie Jansen Did you know children have a sixth sense...

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Should I send my child to Public School?

Feb 01

I’ve held off on this question for several years.  I know a lot of devout Christian men and women who teach in the public school system.  I think most of my friends would quit before pushing an agenda that would harm their students. Unfortunately, since you may not always personally know the other 30 or so teachers that make up any school staff, you...

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The roots of nasty Political Correctness

Jan 09

Political correctness, like so many other traits, has it’s origins in parenting style.  When parents overly concentrate on their child’s feelings rather than on understanding others (how life works), the parent not only supports selfishness – they create the building blocks for illogical adult behavior.  When a parent builds a bubble around their...

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Your child’s health in and out of the year round pool

Aug 19

I’m so grateful that Pat Sarmiento contacted me about hidden safety concerns for children and pools.  I’ve worked with parents whose children are sick during the summer.  While the Mommy Detective method revealed hidden concerns that helped those parents with some issues, even I missed the possibility that their rashes and/or allergy symptoms might be...

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Screaming kids and crowded stores

Dec 16

I was rushing through a store hoping to get home early enough to wrap a couple of presents before cooking supper.  I was third in line waiting to enter a long stream of cashiers.  I scanned all the trinkets placed at eye level to catch the spur of the moment buyer.  The soft tones of Christmas music were drowned out by the ear piercing scream of a child. It...

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