Event Topics

Debbie will be happy to design a unique talk for your event.  She will help you highlight the specific points you wish to cover or follow the “theme” of your event.  To schedule an event or discuss her ability to design a talk especially for you, please contact Ron Jansen at 330-497-1904 or write him at ron@themommydetective.com

The following is a short list of Debbie’s favorite talks.

Kiddies, Calamities and Chaos.   This 30-60 minute talk is a patty wagon full of slips, slides and chaos funnies.  Created for lighter events, Debbie will fill the room with side splitting laughter.  Her stories about Vaseline, eating spiders, tree flipping and naked babies will have you giggling even after the event is over. 

Solving your family’s Drama.  This 60 minute lecture is suitable for teaching events.  Participants will learn to analyze and have an impact on their world.  Debbie goes deep explaining how to use her plan to find the clues and answers for personal problems.  If your event has the time and space Debbie will also stick around for an extra 30 minute question and answer period. 

The parent behind the badge.  This 30-60 minute talk begins with a humorous look at children without honor.  After ranting about “hoodlums on the loose,” Debbie explains where real honor begins, how to teach honor and how to be an honorable parent.

Detective in the jury box.  This 30-60 minute talk starts with a humorous view of society and ends with an Evidence Board that reflects an overall plan to help America become a family friendly country.

Stir crazy Rebellion.  This 30-60 minute talk begins with asylum worthy chaos caused by rebellion.  Debbie presents a plan to define, control and eventually prevent rebellion.  Attendees can purchase her booklet and CD of the entire class, Rebellion ages 5-14.

Life is crazy.  You work two jobs, you’re raising three children, your spouse is AWOL and you wonder when the guilt will end.  Debbie explains how to jail your guilt and throw away the key.  She teaches how to survive a busy lifestyle and still enjoy a loving home.

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