Class List

The following list is a detailed list of the various topics Debbie has researched.  For personal quotes on Debbie’s speaking please check quotes on Debbie’s events

All classes are two hours long and include a study manual.  Classes can be tailored for time constraints or demographics.  Classes can also be combined or designed to fit the needs of your event.  Debbie will also shorten any class, include humorous stories and design a 30 minute talk specifically for your group.

 * A practicum is a class that includes a certain amount of time to actually practice the skills that have been taught.

Designing a seminar is Easy.  To schedule a one time class, simply call or e-mail Ron ( Debbie’s husband and manager.  Debbie is available as a featured speaker or as faculty during a general seminar.  Debbie can relate to smaller groups as well as larger ones.  Prices will be determined by several criteria including traveling expenses.

To schedule a seminar that features any of the following classes, please  e-mail Ron with your choices.  Debbie will build your plan and call you with her ideas for an exciting event. 

For example, if your group consists of very young mothers and retired grandmothers; you may want to schedule a two-hour class that covers both interests.  You could combine Developmental stages of children with How to be a loving Grandparent.  One hour would be devoted to each subject.  Both ages will leave the class with  new  knowledge.

 If your group is small, such as a MOPs group, with  close demographics you can arrange for more information to be covered.  For example, if your group consists of mainly mothers with children of various ages, a two-hour class might include information from, Myth of the terrible two’s, Basic discipline, and Building your child’s self-esteem.  Since these topics are large and involved, combining more than three might be difficult.  When combining classes be aware that time constraints will cause a loss of some information. 

Debbie will work with you to make your seminar or class an exciting event for every participant.  We look  forward to working with you.


The Power of Parenting

 Many negative groups use parental influences to change the world, you can learn to use your parenting skills to change the future of this country. 

Principles of Parenting

Learn the tested principles for success.  Includes the basics for communication, discipline, and family dynamics.  Includes behavior modification plans. 

 Babies ages 0-3

Includes “How to potty train in one day, temper tantrums, child proofing your home, education, daycare, personality development, illnesses, grandparents, and social development.

Developmental stages of Children 0-12

This class discusses all the physical and mental changes a child may encounter.  It also covers parental responses to those changes.

 Development of the Teen/Adult

This class includes social, mental and personality development as well as proper parental responses.

 The Myth of the Terrible Two’s

Independence in a two-year-old is not a stage to be endured.  Learn solutions for success and growth. 

Manners for Toddlers – practicum.

Includes a one-hour study followed by practice time with your child.  Learn how to train your children to exhibit social skills at home and in public.     

Allergies & Anger in Children

Learn how to recognize and control hyperactivity with and without medication? We also discuss food allergies. 

Developing Communication

Learn  how to talk to your child, how to resolve differences, and how to make your point without losing respect. 

Doctors and Psychologists – what do they know that I don’t?

When ten different doctors produce 10 different diagnoses or give me ten different philosophies, how do I know whom to believe?

Basic Discipline

Discipline should not be a  source of stress.  Learn how to stop the fighting and give your child a successful and disciplined life. 

Fighting the influence of outside Sources

Learn the sources aimed at destroying your relationship with your child. Learn how to protect your family.

How to raise disciplined children in an undisciplined world

Survival of the fittest has always been the rule.  Learn how to help your child want to be his best in a world that promotes laziness.

Your rights in the Public School System

Learn the goals and limits of the public school system.  This class includes “Parent Teacher conferences – what to do.” 

How to build proper self-esteem in your children

When self-esteem has been damaged, it affects every decision a child makes.  Learn how to equip your child for life.  

How to avoid re-living your life through your children

Learn to identify your sub-conscious motives and set your child free.   

Rebellion Ages 1-5   study with practicum

Learn the difference between personal independence and true rebellion. Learn to control toddler rebellion that escalates to teens. 

Rebellion ages 5-14  study with practicum

Learn how to deal with peers and keep your relationship with your child strong.

Rebellion ages 15-18 study with practicum

Learn how to keep your influence while letting your child go.  Learn principles that will insure an adult relationship with your child. 

Teaching morals to your child

Learn how to present morals without stress or aggression. 

Teaching the Christian Faith to your child 

 Exposure to church is not enough to insure your  child will be Christian.  Learn how to capture your child’s heart.

 Building a strong Heritage

Learn how to give your child a strong self-esteem through your family heritage.

Teaching your child to make good decisions.

The most damaging parental mistake is to play the role of “Controller”.  This class will give you the tools to raise “responsible” children. 

Teaching social behavior so your child will be loved

Includes social graces, dress codes, manners, and friends.   This class will help you design “fun” ways to learn social behavior. 


Dating is often frustrating to both parent and child.  This class allows each side to understand the process, discover goals and enjoy the process with confidence and ease.

Children & Chores – teaching responsibility

Yelling won’t get the job done.  This class includes plans to get the job done – with a smile. 

Relationships :

Learn how have rewarding relationships and how to teach   relationship dynamics to your children.

Make your family an exciting place to be!

Learn how to make your house a magnet for your child and their friends.

 I have no time – my child is in trouble now!!

 2 hour question and answer practicum. 

Teaching children how to handle money.

Money is the #1 cause of personal depression, divorce and crime.  Learn how to teach your child control. 

How to conquer Housewife Blues.

It is possible to survive children, a job, housework and social work.  Learn how to deal with super-mom depression. 

The proper role of Grandparents, friends and extended relatives in your child’s life.

Learn how to set boundaries without losing the respect of extended family members.  

Blended Families

Blended families make up 75% of our society.  His, mine, yours, ours, their children – it’s not only confusing but frustrating.  This class offers the help you need to find peace within your blended family. 


Learning to Love and understand your parents

Learn how to find acceptance and peace with your parents.  Learn why you and your parents can’t seem to connect. 

How to be a Desirable Teen

Don’t envy other teens who seem to have all the luck, dates and fun.  Learn how to realize your dreams without sacrificing your personality.

Your role in the Adult World

Learn how to bridge the gap between being a kid and becoming an adult.  Learn how to make the most of physical and mental changes and how to relax in your new skin. 

The proper way to date

Learn how to find meaning and purpose in the dating process. This class also includes how dating impacts others and prepares you for adult relationships.    

Put fun into your teen life!

Learn how to keep the boredom of school, homework, lazy days, no dates, social stresses and church in perspective.  Learn to design a plan to spice up your teen life! 


 Premarital Training – What your friends won’t tell you

 One in three will divorce.  Go beyond premarital training.  The workbook includes charts, questions and discussions.  This class includes “I don’t ever want to divorce, how can I tell this is forever?”

Ten rules of marriage that should never be broken.

Learn the basic boundaries of a great marriage. 

Help, I’m a newlywed and unhappy!

Over 20% of marriages end in divorce after only one year.  Learn how to bridge the gap between expectations and truth. 

How to make a marriage work for more than 40 years.

Learn how to make marriage last by creating a deeper love that is not based on circumstances.

Put Romance on your list

Learn how to be romantic with your spouse even when life is hectic.  Learn how to write romantic notes that will soothe your busy life.

Being a desirable wife.

Learn how to be a consistent wife that guides the family with love, understanding and hope. 

Being a desirable husband.

Learn how to be head of your home without hurting others.  Learn principles to gain the love and respect you desire.

Who’s in control and why? How to make decisions together.

Learn how to make compromises and joint decisions that will protect every opinion.

When Life is not fair – Part I.

Learn why you feel like life is not fair.  Learn how to cope with your feelings and develop a plan to return pleasure and excitement to your life.   

Making a strong relationship that will support kids.

When couples have children before their lives are in place, children suffer.  Learn how to recognize if it is time for children or if there are still problems to be solved.

Self-esteem in your marriage

Learn how to build self-esteem for yourself and your partner.  This class also includes tips on what to do when your spouse pulls you down.

How to spice up a boring life – 1/2 practicum.

Learn how to restore fun in your life, your marriage and your children. 

When your spouse won’t cooperate or how to understand your mate.

Learn how to cope with difficult people.  Learn how to understand them, prevent outbreaks and find romance. 

The correct principles of dating.

Misunderstanding the dating process can cause divorce.  Learn how to date with a goal and find your “perfect” fit.   (Designed for College & Career or older)

Love yourself so you can love others.

If you find it difficult to love those around you, perhaps you don’t like or love yourself.  Learn the proper way to look at the inner you and how that reflects on other relationships.

Anger Issues

Is there a proper time to get angry?  Do you have the right to insist on having your way?  When is it right to voice your opinions?  Learn how and when to get angry and not allow your anger to hurt those around you.

There’s no hope, now what do I do?

Sometimes love relationships are destroyed beyond repair.  Learn if you need to give up or if you still have options.  Learn to be calm even  when your world is upside down. 

How to survive Divorce

1st hour for parents, 2nd hour for children.  This class includes working principles that will help you accept, forgive and begin again.

The Over 35 Crowd

 How to be a wonderful, loving Grandparent

Learn how to be a major influence in your family.  Learn how to share your heritage and when to step out of the role of parent.  Learn how to be a loving in-law and gain the respect you deserve. 

How to grow old gracefully.

If you feel abused and misunderstood, learn how to become a wonderful addition to those around you without feeling like a burden.  Learn how to deal with loneliness and separation. 

 Senior Citizens are Fun!

Life is not over at 55.  Learn how to be creative, exciting and loving.  Cheap travel and some medical issues will be discussed.

 Financial Planning

Beginning financial security.

Learn how to plan for purchases, financial security and disasters along the way.  Learn how to combine fun with realistic  financial goals.  A must for newlyweds.

How to avoid fighting over money

Learn how to say no, how to save, evaluate wants vs. needs and how to keep finances from destroying relationships.  This class also includes “Our finances are out of control – now what?”  Learn how to dig your way out little by little without going crazy.

Avoid Depression caused by the belief that money will solve every problem in life. 

Includes spending addictions.  Learn how to recognize if your spending habits are related to inner stress.  

Personal help

Freedom from your past.

Learn how to recognize when your past is controlling your future.  Learn how to be truly honest with yourself and your feelings.

Basic principles of goal setting.

Learn how to make goals and stick to them without stress.  Learn how to properly judge your work ethic and how to make goal-setting fun. 

Who are you and why are you?

We can never relate to others on a mature level until we know who we are and why we exist.  Find your purpose in life through this course.

Being a person of great character.

Includes, “The flesh is weak”.  Learn how to become a mature person and deserve the admiration of others by your actions, even when no one is looking. 

How to make life decisions.

Learn how to discern problems, consider the possibilities and make decisions for success.

Filling your life with friends.

Learn how to avoid loneliness by acquiring friends, fun times and relationships that will last a lifetime.

When life is not fair II.

This class includes “How to survive divorce, death of a loved one and other tragedies.  Life is not always fair.  Learn to develop a back up plan in order to survive. 

How to free yourself from depression. 

Learn psychological and medical theories.  Learn to work with your body to free yourself from depression. 

Working 9-5, relationships, character and getting ahead.

Learn how to deal with difficult co-workers.  Learn when to hold on and when to quit. 

How to be the person you want to be. 

We all see feel like one person on the inside and another person on the out.  One is who we want to be and the other is who we are.  Learn how to release who you really are.

Compassion and Self Hate Part I and Part II

This course is based partly on a book by Dr. Rueben.  Learn insights that will liberate you from inner turmoil. 

How to tell if you need professional help.

Learn the signs of true clinical problems vs. normal issues.  Learn the difference between a psychological problem and a basic need. 

How to Survive Failure. 

Learn what to do when a failure is your fault and what to do when it’s not. Learn how to move from depression and inactivity to solving your problem.

Controlling anger.

Learn how to understand anger, how to stay in control and how to rid yourself of aggression. 


Students receive a comprehensive list of addictions.  Learn how to avoid and/or deal with each addiction.

I’m a wimp about my life, help!

Do you feel out of control, that your life has no direction as if you are floating on the wind? Learn how to take charge of your life and you feeling of inadequacy.


Learn how to properly access your weight goals, be fit even if you are overweight and to be the person God designed you to be.  Learn physical self-esteem. 

My Christian Walk

 How do I know for certain that I’m saved?

Do you feel guilty and wonder if God really loves you?  Learn how to stop the guilt that robs you of peace.  Learn how to see God’s plan and judgment in proper perspectives.

What should I expect from my pastor?

Learn the biblical role of pastors.  Learn how to accept their authority as well as how their role has evolved today.  Learn how you can help them reach the goals God has for your church.

What are my responsibilities as a Christian in all areas of life, especially to my church family? 

Includes “love is something you do”.  Learn God’s role for every member of your church including workers, sitters, complainers and encouragers.  Learn what God admires and what he wants from you.  Learn how to give back to God the only way we can.

How can I know God’s will for my life?

Learn how to determine “God’s perfect will” for your life.  Learn how to make sense of your life and your goals and see God’s hand in it all.

How to help those who are hurting.

Learn how to help hurting people without hurting their self-esteem or making the situation worse.  Learn how to be welcomed by those who are hurting. 

Is God real?

Learn physics, science, personal and Biblical testimonies that offer proof that God is real.   

The real crisis of Christianity.

The church is in crisis.  Learn how to recognize problems, how to effectively fight against them and how to preserve your own church.  Includes the New Age Philosophies.

Who Is Satan?

You cannot fight what you do not know.  Don’t assume Satan is not present in the routines of our lives.    Learn how to recognize him and stop the power he has over your daily life.

 Surviving hurts from other Christians

One of the worst problems in the church today is fighting, gossip and improper behaviors.  Learn how to  recover from being hurt by a fellow Christian.  Learn how to close the wounds and put it in God’s hands. 

One Nation Under God

 The Power of Parenting—Mommy Patriots

Learn how your parenting skills can change your church, your community and ultimately the future of America.  

Rebellion in the home changes the country

Every evil in the world can be traced back to the welfare of the family.  When the family is in trouble, so is society.

Church vs. State

Learn what happens to society and ultimately Americans when the church loses it’s influence.

The Christian Citizen

Learn how to be a compassionate yet strong Christian citizen of the United States of America.  A check off list is provided so you can document your progress.

How to survive an economical downturn

Practical tips on how to help your family stay close and succeed during a recession and/or depression.

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