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Laura McKenzie, office administrator of Crossroads Community Church wrote the following passage just days after Debbie spoke at her church. 

“It has been said that a good experience includes both laughter and tears.  With incredible energy and heart, Debbie Jansen shares that experience with her audience.  When it comes to parenting she had the audience taking notes and listening intently.

At storytelling, she’s the best! You will find that kids do more than ‘say the darndest things’ and you will enjoy identifying with her family’s mishaps.  At the same time, she quietly implores her audience to consider the incredible impact our choices have on our children.

Debbie is truly a gifted communicator with an important message for parents raising the next generation.”


I am proud to represent my wife, Debbie Jansen and her work as The Mommy Detective.  I will be glad to help you design an event that will meet the needs of your group.  If you would like to discuss the many ways we can serve your group, please contact me at  or call me at 330-497-1904

I look forward to working with you.

Ron Jansen Management 


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