Should I send my child to Public School?

1069767_little_friends_at_the_classroomI’ve held off on this question for several years.  I know a lot of devout Christian men and women who teach in the public school system.  I think most of my Christian teacher friends would quit before pushing an agenda that would harm their students.

Unfortunately, since you may not always personally know the other 30 or so teachers that make up any school staff, you can’t be certain that those teachers would not mis-lead your child in favor of keeping their job.  Yes, we have always had undesirable teachers in public school.  Public School has never been a Sunday School.  However, there was a time when both liberal and conservative views were able to co-exist without pushing an agenda to students.  I’m sure there were concerns on either side, yet teachers with different viewpoints didn’t put their students in the middle of a social debate.

Over the last 20 years that has changed.  School books are being revised by Muslims.  Liberals make sure they are viewed more favorably than conservatives.  Instead of presenting basic history, reading, writing, and math skills – the public school systems along with the NEA and political influences push an agenda of change.  They re-write history and they demolish historical heres in favor of feeding their own hurts and prejudice.  While teachers must help their students with basic reading and other factual studies, it is now delivered in an atmosphere of social engineering.  They are determined to capture the minds of our children and hold them hostage until their students convert their beliefs.  Unfortunately, parents don’t have the time to attend school everyday and fight back when personal freedom of thought is abused.  Your precious child is often unprotected when an authority figure demands an unChristian view be accepted.

Most socially hostile agendas cannot exist with the Christian value system.  I believe that’s the reason this country has lasted as long as it has.  We are the last barrier of hope against violence, fear and slavery.  If they kidnap our children’s minds, rising to power in 20 years or less will be a much easier job.  Looking back 20 years who would have ever thought this country would put up with a professed Socialist running for president.  Sanders is collecting ignorant voters because 20 years ago the stage was set for acceptance.  Bash some presidents, fuss about the laws within a democratic society and lie about the evils of socialism and you can “grow” a young generation that follows blindly into economic ruin and slavery.  No socialist can stay in power when confronted with textbooks that refuse to lie about the evils of WWII, Hitler, Stalin and other countries who have bought the lie.  Most children are smart enough to see the truth – if historical truth is delivered without any bias.

The only hope for this country is our youth.  They will determine what we will become.  If we allow the public school system to present a negative violent view of our country to our children – they will not support the country that we love or the freedoms that men and women have died for.  The only hope for turning this large ship of America around is for every conservative parent to take charge of their child’s education.

Add to the educational problems, teachers who bully kids to accept the teacher’s beliefs, out of control violent children who abuse the quiet conservative and violence brought to school from outside influences including the internet

At this point in time I believe the worst thing you can do is put your child in public school.  I would therefore suggest that you investigate Christian schools, on line schools, or home schooling.  All of those will take a commitment on your part.  If you don’t have the finances or the time to provide an alternate form of schooling for your child – then you “MUST” be heavily involved in your child’s educational experience.  You must look at every assignment, pop in to observe when you can and make sure your child will tell you when something feels wrong.

Spend as much time as possible finding out what your child is learning.  Couple that with extensive Biblical knowledge.  Be prepared to challenge the school board, teachers and other students if you find a problem.  Don’t wait until your child is 18 and declares that he’s changing his beliefs because he’s been taught too many lies to accept the Christian Faith or the American Dream.

If you’re still not convinced I encourage you to read “School slams student for not professing Islam“.  There are many more articles like this, but this one is terrifying enough.  If you want a bigger picture of the capture of our children – you must read the book, Abduction : How liberalism steals our Children’s Hearts and Minds by Steve Feazel & Dr. Carol. M. Swain.

We can not allow America or the Christian Faith to be destroyed by the systematic attack on our children.  Television tells them it’s okay to kill, to be angry, to steal, to lie and to pervert their sexual values.  Churches don’t want to take sides so they don’t offer Biblical social teaching.  Perverted music encourages the worst of the worst.  Parents are so busy paying for the expensive house and all their desires that they don’t have time to properly teach their children.  And psychology loves to tell anyone that “it’s not your fault and you don’t have to be a person of character”.  Even politicians show our children that lies and deceit are okay.

Slowly…..those negative forces invade a child’s mind until they can’t see the truth.  What should a parent do?

Make sure that every hour of every day your child knows the truth!  Protect your child from the onslaught of negative Christian thinking.  Make sure he/she understands why the Bible, why Jesus, why fellowship, why obedience and how to love.

Give parenting the highest place in your home.  You must be a “strong” Christian first and then you must lovingly lead your child into the Christian faith.

If you do this – not only will your home be better – not only will your children stay true to the faith – not only will your family circle be united in Heaven – YOU will change America!  You will make a huge difference for yourself, for others and for America.

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