Every Violent Abuser is Selfish and Lazy

If you have a blog or a WordPress site – you may have experienced the latest million dollar theft.    Several weeks ago people using Go Daddy or WordPress were not able to update their sites.  Hackers caused a tremendous amount of damage.  In an attempt to look for passwords so they could steal money, the criminals tried to infect every site with a virus that would ultimately give them control of the site.  It took days and many frustrating hours for us to get our site back on line.  Money wasted – time wasted – frustration 🙁  Ron made several calls to Go Daddy and WordPress to be sure we were virus free and ready to post again.

I’m not a computer wizard.  I don’t understand the techy details about what’s happened to this site or to others.  Yet, these malicious people do fit into our Decoder Map on Violence in America.  How?  They are part of the huge “Moral” problem in America and around the world.

Every Violent Abuser is selfish and lazy.  They selfishly demand that their every desire be fulfilled.  If you own something they want – they assume they have the right to take it.  They are lazy because they refuse to “work” for their wants and needs.  Instead, they choose to infringe on your rights and take what does not belong to them.

When any society develops a large group of people who have lost their concern for others – crime will increase and evil will grow.  America is now experiencing true evil.  Our coddling of criminals, enabling snowflakes and promoting violence and rebellion in entertainment  are some of the causes for the rise in crime and evil.  We should never allow compassion for the criminal to excuse the criminal action.  When we do that, we become the enabler for future violence.

It is extremely difficult to turn away from murdered children at Sandy Hook.  In the last few weeks I’ve been sickened by the images and stories of horror at the Boston Marathon.  Yet, all of these are related.  The hacker, the murderer, the dirty politician, the pyramid scheme – all of these are related.  How?

All crimes have two things in common.

1) CRIMINALS ARE SELFISH  The criminal has a desire that he can’t fulfill in a hard working, kind, people respecting way. Instead of taking the mature route and continuing his education or finding a respectful way to achieve his desire – he decides to steal from others.  If you investigate any crime, there will be an element of selfishness, lack of respect for life and the inability to feel compassion for those that are being hurt.  Only one thing exists – a driving animalistic desire to fulfill his own selfish needs.  The criminal has become a monster that will roll over anyone that gets in his way.  We can use a Decoder Map to determine where the selfishness began as well as discover how to avoid and prevent this type of selfish monster activity in the future.  First however, we must recognize that any abuser will turn into a monster when we soothe his/her conscience without requiring behavioral change.

Monster?  Really Debbie.  You think these people are monsters?  Of course they are.  Hollywood has so glamorized criminals that most people are afraid to label them.  Hackers sit in their offices and cost our country (and the world) millions of dollars and months of lost work and yet because they look nice or they talk intelligent or resemble our own children….we decide to look the other way or say things like – “Well, that’s just the way things are.  He/she couldn’t help it.  They’ve had a hard life.”

Not in my book.  Anyone that lies, murders, cheats or steals – that person is wrong and should face the consequences.  As a compassionate Christian I can put my arm around them, offer them the salvation of Christ but still say – “I’m so sorry but you will have to serve out the consequences of your actions.”  Too many parents intervene and refuse to allow their child to suffer consequences and that breeds a population of children and adults who are incapable of seeing truth.  They are incapable of feeling compassion for others.  They will become abusers.

Everyone agrees that the Boston bombers are monsters.  Little children are without limbs.  People died.  Blood covered a street that should have been filled with cheers and happiness.  How could those two young men have built such a destructive device and not thought ahead to the consequences for other humans?  Selfishness and laziness.  When Muslim jihadists can’t convince others to join their cause they take the lazy way out and decide to kill and scare people into their cult.  They prey on young people who don’t have the skills to see the truth or the evil violence masked in words of Muslim peace.  Their teachers sit back on their lazy behinds and encourage young blinded men and women to give their life for a murderous cult.

Even when it comes to the homeless or the needy in our society – we should and must demand that they ask for help in the right way.  To force others to meet their needs not only destroys their own self-esteem and the chance to become a respected part of society – but it develops the “taker” mentality that will prevent them from being creative and learning how to support themselves.  It’s a fine line.  While compassion doesn’t allow people to starve or to be without a plan or helping hand to lift them out of despair – Compassion must have requirements for receiving our “free” gift.  If we don’t “teach” the hurting person how to be responsible and how to stand on their own two feet – we will become “the enabler” and we will create an extremely weak society.

The abuser steals from his victim by saying my wants, my needs, my desires are more important than yours.  He/she insists that their desires are so important that it’s okay to abuse others.  The murderer touts his political or religious agenda and ignores the value of life in favor of his own needs.  The thief refuses to look at the damage he has caused others.  The fear, the violation and the time wasted doesn’t matter to him.  All he cares about is getting what he wants.

I am pro-life.  Not because I don’t see the problems an unwanted pregnancy will cause.  I do feel for the young girl that can’t take care of her child and finish high school.  I do understand the many problems an unwanted pregnancy will cause.  But…the consequence of not respecting your own body in the “first” place does not give anyone the right to kill a baby.  If you sleep around or even make one unintended mistake – you must do whatever it takes to respect the life you’ve created.  To kill that child is selfish and lazy. With a little research, I am sure we could prove that most of the abortions in this country isn’t for the health of the mother, the child or even a case of rape.  Most abortions are an evil ugly form of birth control.

Watch out for the dirty politician that claims hurting a small segment of society is worth the good his legislation creates.  In time, his dirty politics will find it’s way to your door.

2)  CRIMINALS ARE LAZY – instead of finding a way to properly achieve their needs and desires, criminals decide to steal your stuff or your mental health.  They refuse to control their own life and like bullies prefer to try to control your life.

All criminals have lost the ability to be compassionate about consequences.  They have lost the moral decency to value human life and the human experience.   They try to excuse their actions with weasel phrases like “she made me do it”, “I had no choice” or “It doesn’t matter.  That person or company can afford this.”  Sandy Hook, The Boston Bombers, jihadists, dirty politicians, Gosnell murderer and even Bernie Madoff are all monsters who have no regard for freedom or the value of other lives.

“Wait Debbie.  How can you possibly group a dirty politician with the Boston bombers?  And how does Bernie Madoff who only stole some money rate the same category as Sandy Hook?”  

The dirty politician and Madoff can’t see the end result of their actions.  They don’t look down the road and see who they hurt.  He didn’t consider the possible 75 year old widow who depended on her savings to maintain her lifestyle.  He didn’t care that she may lose her house, her car and her insurance.  He didn’t worry about the fact that she may become depressed when she has to move in with another friend that was also affected.  Sick, trying to work, no hope…..did he care when she preferred to take her own life than to live without simple necessities and scared?  A person who lost their possessions or their freedom or their way of life can become depressed enough to take their life.  If they do, do you think the media will report on the real cause of their death?  Or…do you think the widow will get two lines on the back page – “75 year old takes life.  Neighbor reports depression.”

Our actions matter!  The choices we make will ripple through society!

The real problem is that no one can afford behaviors that infringe on others.  We can’t afford the abuser that destroys lives.  Those destroyed lives will make our society the worst it can be.

Every abuser – no matter how small his life – will ultimately hurt society.  Lets consider for a moment the insignificant mom who does not have a voice in society.  She stays home, doesn’t attend church or any other social gathering.  Her husband abuses her so she abuses her child.  That child grows up and abuses his/her spouse.  Their negative relationship hurts their children.  The child holding the most anger begins to bully others at school.  A non-related child can’t take the bullying and becomes violent.  His/her violence impacts other children and adults and that sets up a community of violence.  Like throwing a pebble into the water the rings of abuse and violence travel quickly through our society.  What will stop it?

We have to go to the source.  We have to build Decoder maps that show us all forms of abuse and how to handle them.  We have to systematically build a society that tackles abuse at the core and deals with it in multi-faceted ways.  Instead of looking the other way when a four-year-old becomes a selfish little bully – we need parents who will provide proper discipline that actually changes the life of their child.

Parents are our biggest weapon for a monster free society.  When parents decide to mentor their child and work to help that child become a healthy individual – our society wins.  We become a safer society.  Allowing little monsters to grow into big monsters hurts everyone and dooms our society as a whole.  Voters are another gatekeeper for a better society.  Don’t allow dirty politicians back into office.  Instead of voting along party lines, do your research.  Vote because the man has been proven and because he is an honorable man.  Don’t use your vote to participate in a popularity contest.  Determine that you will only vote for people who believe in the founders vision for this country.


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