Can I live without Cable TV?

We finally did it!  I’ve been thinking about this issue for over a year and we finally did it.  We are free from the assault of television.  For some getting rid of television or cable may be easy.  Perhaps, they don’t watch a lot of news or maybe they are just wired to be in the out doors more than I am.  For Ron and I it was a little more difficult.

Ron and I are politically involved.  Because I want my writing to reflect contemporary issues, I try to stay current on news events. Research teams have improved on stations like Fox news and other conservative sites.  I wasn’t sure turning the cable off was a good idea.

Yet, since the last election it seems television has dropped to new lows.  Even new comedies on family friendly stations were unacceptable for viewing.  I was asssulted on every level of human decency.  Ron and I discussed how detrimental television must be to a struggling pre-teen Christian.  It seems impossible for parents to fight the constant assault on Christian values and simple decency.

Reality shows are the worst.  It’s as if producers look for the worst of society and prefer to give them a platform rather than promote the intelligent hard working overall good person.  Producers like to excuse their evil by saying, “That’s what our audience wants or we are just highlighting normal homes.”  My reply…..”Just because the paying customer wants a 12 year old prostitute doesn’t absolve you from wrong doing if you provide the girl. – You are still sleaze and should be prosecuted.”

In 1948 Television began as an experiment for good.  The moguls that invested in the new invention touted it as, “a way to bring culture and refined art into the home.”  Even when I was a child – television was seen as a way to give the masses a taste of concerts and speeches that only the rich could enjoy.

Then money entered the picture.  As more and more people realized the value of advertisements, the race was on for ratings.

Here’s the truth – Television, movies, advertisers – aren’t interested in your life.  They are using your “attention” to grab your pocketbook.  They don’t care if you are depressed or if your intelligence is dying of starvation.  All they care about is that they have you hooked enough that you will buy the sponsors product.  

That’s it.  They are trying to control your buying habits and they will do it any way they can.  They have no honor and no scruples.

Are there a few people who are honest enough to try to produce quality entertainment?  Yes.  No group in society is ever 100% bad.  But….the good that’s out there isn’t enough to keep me glued to the idiot box.

I was a resident assistant at college.  At the beginning of the year I chatted with two best friends and helped them get settled in their rooms.  They were sweet, kind, delightful Christian girls who laughed constantly.  They were straight A students and model teens. Yet, by early November they were cranky and beginning to get into trouble.  One of them missed so much of her history class (favorite subject – favorite teacher) that the professor contacted the resident Head about possible social problems.  We discussed it and I agreed to look into the problem.  After a lot of research, talking to friends and watching the girl’s daily activities – I discovered they were addicted to two soap operas.

I put the girls on restriction and insisted they stop watching the shows.  At that time most kids didn’t have television in their rooms.  They would sit in the lounge and watch the shows.  Every day for a month I sat in the lounge during those show times to be certain the TV was off.  I made sure the girls didn’t watch those shows or any others.  Within a week, the giggles were back.  By the end of the second week their grades were better.  By the end of the month they were back to being delightful happy girls.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.  Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me – put it into practice.  And the God of peace will be with you.  Philippians 4:8

So…the cable is now off.  We get our news from Fox news website.  We bought a Roku (small device that allows you to subscribe to specific channels from the Internet).  We watch an occasional movie from Netflix.  Of course we only pick ones that are uplifting and support our values.  We subscribe to Gaither TV, the Hallmark channel and Pandora for music.  We get our weather on line and on our phones.  And I have DVD’s of favorite classic television shows.

I am amazed at how much better I feel.  I don’t have to worry about flipping the channels and being assaulted by a lifestyle or language I don’t agree with.  I know that I can find the current news if I want it and that once I’ve got the message, I can move on.  I don’t have to hear it repeated twenty times.

I feel hopeful, happier and more content.  I spend more time reading good material and talking with Ron.  And I’m excited about designing my own television experience.  I am not paying for bad programs and horrible lifestyle suggestions.  I only pay for what makes me a better person – not for subconscious suggestions that haunt my dreams or thoughts.

I hope I’ve encouraged you to think about what you are allowing in your home.  If your family is overly depressed, stressed out or argumentative.  Perhaps you might want to take a look at what they are “consuming” and “learning from television.  Stop being the victim of someone else’s programming choices.  Allow your good judgement and your Christian values to help you lift your home to a higher level.


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  1. Here here! Sounds like some of the stuff we’ve been talking about around here. I had to read it to my husband .. we’re not the only ones!

    I did a search for “Precious Lord Take My Hand” and came up w/your old blog post on that, looked at your lead article on that blog and found this blog.

    I have enjoyed my visit! Hope to be back!


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