Growing with God and honoring Mother!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I am honored to announce that two more of my articles have been posted on Today’s Christian Woman.  I am also excited for the magazine.  Today’s Christian Woman took the top award (2013 Award of Excellence) in its category at the Evangelical Press Association.  Both Kyria and Today’s Christian Woman took four more article awards.  Five awards total.  I am so proud of the magazine and very honored to be a regular contributor.

Please check out my newest articles….

Growing Together Spiritually is a Question and Answer segment about Devotions with your spouse.

God cares about Ooey Gooey Days!   This article will give you a belly laugh for Mother’s Day.


A dear friend who reads my blog wrote last week…..

“Hi Debbie,  I am hoping you can help me.  I read every new entry for your blog.  I also read your published articles.  Is there some way I can help you promote your work?”

I replied……

Thanks for asking!  It is so wonderful of you to want to help.  There’s a lot you can do.  When you click over to read my published articles, be sure to rate them.  Click on the stars to show a rating of 1-5.  It’s fun to leave comments.  When a lively discussion gets going it helps everyone get the most out of the article.  It also helps the editors of the magazine know what their readers like.  They read all comments and it helps them determine which authors and subjects are most appealing to their readership.

Don’t forget to pass the word along by sharing published articles or my posts on this blog –  on your Facebook page, twitter page or even just sending a personal e-mail to friends.  We’ve made it easy by including Facebook and twitter buttons for your convenience.  Any way you can pass the word along is a huge help.


And to all of you who read this blog – thank you for being my support, my prayer partners and my encouragement.  I work for you and I am so honored to be a part of your life.





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