How to improve toddlers motor skills using yarn?

Are you a crafter? Are you a want-to-be crafter with a pile of yarn that has never been crocheted into that precious afghan because you just can’t find the time.  Well, have no fear this activity will put that yarn to good use!!!

Today we are making a yarn bowl for the kiddos to explore.

This is a very simple activity so if you thought you didn’t have time to put one of these activities together this one is for you.


  • Ball of yarn
  • scissors
  • bowl or container



Step 1: Cut the yarn into varied lengths. I made some really short pieces and some really long pieces to give Sweet Pea the opportunity to play with different sizes. I also tied knots in some of the strings to give more texture.


Step2: Place them all in a bowl.




This activity is simple but it helps your baby explore the world around them while also meeting one of the items on the Pediatrician checklist. At 9 months the checklist asks if your baby picks up a piece of string with his first finger and thumb after one or two tries. This is a great way for your baby to practice this skill.  I originally did this activity with Sweet Pea when she was just 6 months old and able to sit up on her own. She loved grabbing a handful of yarn with one hand and pulling at the dangling strings with the other hand. We revisited this activity again this week only this time I added water to the bowl to give the yarn a different texture. You could also add the yarn pieces to her bath water for more water play. Sweet Pea had fun chasing the floating yarn around the tub.




Hope you have as much fun with this simple activity as we did!  Keep exploring!


For older children:

Give them a pair of salad tongs and another bowl.  This makes the game a little more challenging and it will work their fine motor skills as they try to transfer the yarn from one bowl to the other.  It’s fun to watch their coordination as the wheels of the brain master this skill.

Check back next week for a fun Easter themed activity!!


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