How to Make a Noodle box – Pediatrician check list

The next time you go to make macaroni and cheese for your family let the noodles slide between your fingers as you dump them into the pot. Close your eyes and listen to the tink, tink, tink sound they make as they hit the pan. Does it sound like rain? Are the noodles rough or smooth? Infants and Toddlers can learn a lot from textures found in the Noodle box.  Who knew raw noodles could be so much fun. Think of all the different textures, shapes and sounds.

This week I made a noodle box for Sweet Pea to explore!


  • shallow container
  • noodles
  • scoops
  • spoons
  • bowls


Sweet Pea helped me make this activity. We dumped the box of noodles into the bucket and added magnet letters for some alphabet fun. Added spoons and bowls and this project was ready for play.


Sweet Pea stuck her hand in the bucket and began moving her hands back and forth allowing the noodles to roll over and under her hands. She picked up a noodle piece and just looked at it. After we played with the spoons and scoops for a little while she crawled over and grabbed the empty box and brought it back to the box. She dropped pieces of noodles into the empty box and giggled when they made different sounds. Once she had added a few she would dump them back into the big box and start over again. I had no idea the box they came in would be so much fun.

This activity is great for children of all ages. It meets a couple of requirements on the pediatrician checklist and addresses problem solving skills for your child. At 14-16 months the pediatrician may ask if your child can drop an object one after the other into a bowl or box? At 16 months your child should be able to drop objects into a bowl or box and turn it upside down to dump it out.

This is activity will help your child meet your pediatricians requirements and will also provide hours of fun without breaking the wallet. My daughter doesn’t put things in her mouth so I don’t have to watch her as closely.  Last night I used this box to entertain Sweet Pea on the kitchen floor while I cooked dinner. She had a ball!  She played and dumped and pushed noodles and filled the empty box.  And the best part is that clean up is a breeze. For Sweet Pea clean up is half the fun because she loves to put escaped noodles back into the box but if you are in a hurry a broom and dustpan work great.

For older toddlers getting ready for preschool this is a great activity to work on letter recognition. By adding the magnetic letters you can ask your child to go looking for a treasure. You call out a letter, such as “C”, the child uses the spoon or his hands to find the letter. This can also be done with colors, shapes, numbers or anything else you can think to throw in the box.


Hope you will give this a try. We would love to hear your stories!


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