Violence in America – Clue #1

Please refer to the “categories” list in the right column of this website.  There you will find a category titled “Violence in America”.  If you click on that category, the site will bring up all the posts on this one subject.  My Decoder map has over 250 arms.  Going through these issues will give you a detailed view of why violence is so prevalent in America today.  If you miss a day or if you want to refer back to previous posts, clicking on the category will make it easy to see all the material written on this subject.

I apologize that the overall map is blurry.  It is large enough that it overwhelms my charting program.  My tech advisor is working to fix the problem so any computer or monitor size can view it clearly.  As I write each post, I will highlight one arm of the map.  You will be able to see each arm clearly as we discuss the contents.

The main arms listed on the map are:

  • How the Brain works
  • The Negative effect of selfishness
  • Movies
  • Positive education
  • Negative education
  • Social Issues
  • Medical or Psychological problems
  • Music
  • Faith – view of God
  • Politics and Government
  • Television
  • Parenting – the wall between good and evil

After writing today’s post I’ve added a new arm : Internet Influence. 


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As with any map, most of the arms are equally important.  One arm may stand alone as a major reason for violent behavior in one person while it’s only a minor cause in another person’s life.  As we look at the “general” violent behaviors in America, we could start anywhere.

I’ve chosen to start our study with “How the Brain Works”.  The Brain is the most important issue when discussing any relationship or problem within society.  The brain controls all our actions, our thoughts and the way we process incoming information.  You will “not” be able to understand the “whys” connected with any problem until you understand how that individual’s brain is working.









The easiest way to understand your brain’s functions is to imagine that it’s a computer.  Just like a computer, you collect data about your environment, you categorize it according to your needs, you run it past your own “Point of View” or fact checker and finally you present your unique answer to the situation you face.

Just like a computer if your data is wrong or misleading – your answer will be wrong.  Just like your computer – if you overload the system there will be a crash.  Just like your computer – if you have a virus nothing works right.  Just like your computer – user error is more of a problem than system failure.

Our brain have one major difference from a computer.  This difference is the cause of many issues in our lives.  The human brain does not have a delete button.  Once we have been exposed to an event, a thought, an image, a sound – it is with us forever.  Time may help us push that bit of information into our subconscious, but it is still there.  Even patients suffering from major trauma can undergo hypnosis and remember intricate details of a supposedly forgotten event.

Memory cells within the brain are capable of storing information from all five senses and during hypnosis or psychotherapy the patient can actually “smell” or “feel the textures” associated with an event.  The Brain is an amazing organ!

So…as we move through this chart be aware that everything we see, everything we hear, everything we touch, everything we smell and everything we taste – for our entire life – it stays with us.  Just because we can’t remember it today doesn’t mean that it’s not buried within our brain.  That buried bit of information becomes a link in our Point of View and it will change how we see the world.

That also means that we must be personally responsible for what we say and do to others.  We are building our own framework in our own brains – but we are also contributing to the framework within those around us.  When you yell at your children – you are creating a memory that will be part of their point of view.  When you throw jabs and spew out negative comments to others – you are changing how they view you and how they view the world.  When you or I watch a negative or violent movie or television show – the images will remain in our brain – forever!

Take a moment and think about all the junk that you or your children have seen.  Think about the commercials for movies about chainsaw murders, rapes, illegal behaviors.  Now think about how many times an unchaparoned child or adult has viewed those images.  What about the Internet, violent music or news coverage.  Every time you see, write, hear or speak about anything in your life – it is more entrenched in your brain.  The more repetitive the action the more prominent it is in your thinking.

The Brain does not have a delete button.  But….we do have the ability to chance our focus and our point of view.  We can use the “repetitive” function of our brain to lessen the effects of what we’ve been exposed to.  We can change if we are willing to work at it.

Tomorrow we will discuss how our brains repetitive desires can hurt us and how it can help us obtain our goals.  Join the conversation and let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “Violence in America – Clue #1

  1. I blog frequently and I truly appreciate your content. The article has truly peaked my interest. I am going to book mark your website and keep checking for new information about once per week. I subscribed to your Feed as well.

    1. Thanks Alice! This is a great article and gives us a lot of information about problems within the brain. I will make sure and post this when we discuss the medical and psychological arm of our chart. It’s an important point to note that there are diseases and injuries that cause aggression and they must be handled with medical solutions.

      Thanks again Alice!

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