Work Is Happiness

Work is Happiness by Dr. Ken Crocker was published by the Atlanta Journal in the 1960’s.


Work Is Happiness

by Dr. Ken Crocker

Happy New Year is a familiar greeting around this time of year.  If it’s going to be anything more than a friendly greeting we will have to work at it.  Someone once said that half the people in the world are miserable because they can’t have what makes the other half miserable.  The idea of course is that most people don’t really know what it would take to make them happy.  And often the things they buy and the things they do end in disappointment.

One of the most foolish idea’s about happiness is idleness.  Many people feel like they would be supremely happy if they didn’t have anything to do except rest and play.  And some of the most miserable people int he world are folks who have finally reached this utopia.  The reason for this is that God created man as a goal-seeking, problem solving mechanism.  Man-like his maker must have the sense of achievement or accomplishment.

A mother once wrote her daughter and said: “This has been one of those days.  The toaster wouldn’t work this morning and before I found that a fuse had burned out, the refrigerator had been off for hours and the milk was turning sour.  Then the sink stopped up and the plumber said that he couldn’t get here until tomorrow.  The belt on my sewing machine broke and I couldn’t get a new one anywhere in town.  So…I made a batch of soap and I feel better tonight.”  It helped that she could step away and accomplish something she was good at.

I wonder why more people don’t make a batch of soap at such times of frustration?  Now and then we all need the comfort of knowing that we can manage something successfully, no matter how snarls the other departments of our lives may become.

Some of the happiest moments of life come when we’ve made our batch of soap and succeeded in something worth while  even though in only a small way.  This surely must be the reason God doesn’t do everything for us.  Much of his work is left for us to do and God takes care of the impossible.

In fact, while we’re talking about this, one of the reasons church is so dull and boring to some is simply that they just come and sit.  They watch a performance.  The new testament church was a busy, active, interesting group at work.  In fact Paul in I Cor. 14:26 gave a summation of chapter 12 where he had talked about the gifts of the spirit.  In I Cor. 14:26 he made it clear that when they came together for worship – everyone had a part.

This must have been what the little fellow meant when he told his Dad he wanted to be a preacher.  His Dad asked why?  “Well, it looks like I’ll have to go to church the rest of my life and it’s a whole lot easier to stand up there and holler than to sit back here and listen!”

He knew it took more than being an idle spectator to be happy.


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