We Can Change America and The World!

In 2009 I wrote a booklet titled, “Mommy Patriots”.  It was in response to the media, Nancy Pelosi and other politicians that insisted the Tea Party and concerned mothers were just “AstroTurf” and “Hysterical females”.

The last four years have been some of the most violent and divisive years of our country.  While many Tea Party members have continued to fight for their rights, mothers have once again taken a back seat because of the strain of economic woes.  Many mothers have had to return to the fight to keep their home in tact rather than continue the public fight to keep our freedoms.

I want to encourage every mother and father that even when we are fighting for our very economic and spiritual lives – we are still the most powerful people on this earth.  Maybe today you don’t feel that way.  Today you feel overwhelmed, weak and just plain tired.  Be encouraged parents – you are the only people on earth that can totally change America and the world!

I can hear you whisper – “Oh no…please don’t ask me to do something else.  I’m tired and working as hard as I can.  I simply can’t add anything else to my life.”  I understand and the great thing is that you don’t have to add anything to your life.  I’m simply asking you to look at and embrace your power!

In the Mommy Patriots eleven page booklet I stated, “Moms and Dads can change this country in 24 years or less.  How?  By raising children who have the opportunity and desire to enter the political world.”

If only 1,000 parents decide to train their children to be politically aware,  we can take over congress in 24 years or less.  Pushing children won’t work. Insisting or demanding they think politically will only push them farther away.

However, if a parent decides to make “world issues” a fun topic or to make it as important as sports or any other childhood interest – children will be influenced to move into those areas.  As children move into an interest in changing America they won’t leave the values we have taught them behind.  Those qualities will shape their view of the path for America.

The current evidence proves it.  We spent more time in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s working to build our own financial security and some parents neglected to teach morals and values to their children.  By the 90’s we began to see a tital wave of changes that both alarmed us and destroyed our freedoms.  We are now reaping the results of a valueless society because Judges, politicians and leaders brought their lack of values into the political and educational arena.

If we want a better America – we will have to grow one!  We will have to raise children that are strong, committed and ready to stand for a value system that promotes a society based on character and common sense as well as freedom.

Just Think….

If 1,000 parents have two children each – that’s 2,000 children.  If only half become politically charged, that will mean 1,000 young adults with character and common sense would enter politics.  Let’s say only half of those run for a prominent office (500) and only half of those (250) win….With 250 new members headed to congress armed with character and common sense – we take over America.

Our country isn’t doomed.  We simply have forgotten that families are the true power in this country.  Why do so many politicians rush to aid destructive ideas and concepts that destroy an individuals ability to stand strong?  Is it because they believe those destructive ideas will make America stronger or is it because they understand that the weaker the individual – the easier it is to control them.

It is only by making our young people strong and committed that we can grow stronger as a nation.

Will you join with us?  Will you add your name to our list?  Will you encourage others to prepare their children and give them the tools they will need to take over America?  If so, please read the following pledge.

We Can Change The World! Pledge

  • I promise to spend 5 minutes every morning while I’m dressing – thinking about how to help my child understand his own purpose and how he can change the world.
  • I promise to spend at least 5 minutes every day encouraging my child to change the world in some way.
  • I promise to parent my child by giving him/her the mental, social and spiritual tools they will need to accomplish the goal of changing their world.
  • I will place an inspirational quote in my house so we can point to it when we are discouraged.
  • For example…” Do Not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”  Emerson
  • I promise to be an example of the kind of person that can change the world.  I understand that my children look up to me and they will model their life after me.  If I can be a strong example, they will be able to do much more than I can.
  • When making decisions I will think first about what that decision will teach my child and second about my own desires.
  • I will love my child with all my heart and teach him/her to love this country.
  • If I am a person of faith, I will pray for God to guide me, my child and to bless this country.



If you agree with our goals….. send Ron a quick e-mail with your name.  ron@themommydetective.com  He will respond with a copy of your newly designed Mommy Patriots booklet.  It’s for Dads too!  It will encourage you and let you know how very powerful you are.  It also includes over four pages of things you can embrace that will help your child change America and the world.  Originally it sold for $5.00 but now you can get it absolutely free for simply signing the pledge.

Don’t forget how important this election season is.  Take your children with you when you go to vote.  Explain to them how important it is to vote your faith, your convictions and your values.  Show them how you plan to change America by voting.

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