Stages of Growth 0-3 months

**The times and dates included in the category “Stages of Growth” are only averages of what children will do.  If your child is a few weeks or months behind, that does not signify a problem.  Check with your doctor for any concerns you may have.***

At 0-3 months your child will mostly sleep and eat.  He/she is getting used to his world.  There is no logical rationale to this age.  You should sing, talk softly and make sure all needs are met.  Your baby is just getting acquainted with the outside world and must be kept warm, protected and quiet.  After all, he/she has just left a very quiet, warm protected environment and must be gently urged into this wild world we live in.

Be very careful about loud noise, arguing or picking them up with hands of anger.  They will sense that something is wrong and they will respond to it.  I’ve counseled with two mommies that thought their child hated them because the child always cried when held by mom.  Turned out she was holding them with “insecure” hands and it made the baby fearful.  There has also been documented evidence of children having phobias when they are older because something scared them when they were just babies.  One report sited a study where small infants were shown a white rabbit.  When they reached for it, a loud horn blew and scared them.  Later they were not only afraid of white coat animals and nervous around people dressed in white –  they also had issues with doctors in white coats.  Protect your infant from anything that might scare him.

Be very careful about leaving them alone for long stretches of time.  They need physical contact, cuddling and gentle stimulus to urge them into the next three months. 


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