Sidewalk Painting

WOW! It is hot this summer! I am reminded of summers with the day care children. The kids loved to be outside. Steamy heat, dripping rain, dense fog did not matter. Standing in the kitchen I felt this hard tug on my pant leg and the dreaded words “Miss Amie, I’m bored.” I gave a laundry list of options, kick ball, bubbles, basketball,  each was met with a resounding “NO. We want to do something fun!”

Standing there with my hands in cool, soapy water I blurted “Sidewalk painting.” Tiny faces twisted and eyebrows raised. Like little ducks in a row the children followed me into the garage.  I gathered some buckets and old paintbrushes. I filled the buckets with water and sloshed the big paintbrush around the bucket of water.  I smiled back at the children and slapped it onto the sidewalk to write my name.

“Who do you think will win? Will the sun dry it up before I finish?”    The giggles from the children rang in my ears as the first letter began to fade away and I still had 2 more to go.  “Hurry Miss Amie it’s disappearing.” The children grabbed paintbrushes and began writing and drawing pictures frantically before the big bad sun could wisk them away.

No damage was done to the sidewalk and only memories of laughter remain as we raced to beat the sun. I encourage you to try this with your children. This fun game is portable so take it to the park, grandma’s and birthday parties because it doesn’t cost a thing and there is no mess to clean up.  I look forward to hearing your stories!

Stop by tomorrow for a fun clean up game!


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