“Why” the Key to a better life

Living a life of content may seem like a good place to live.  In actuality sitting on the sidelines of life while claiming contentment can actually damage your ability to solve problems.

First it limits your view.  Imagine you want to watch a parade but you don’t want to fight to see it.  You take a chair and pick out an even part of the sidewalk.  You sit down and discover that tall people four rows thick are standing in front of you.  When the parade passes by your vision will be blocked.  All you’ll see is the behind of the couple standing in front of you.  You have the option to be content where you are, be comfortable and not see the parade; or – ask “why” can’t I move here or there and why can’t I sit in front of these standing people?  Asking “why?” leads you to new options that might solve your problem.

By the same token when you take a seat on the sidelines of life and refuse to ask why, your view of your “personal” life issues is limited.  You can’t see the parade passing in front of you because your vision is blocked.  You do have choices.  You can claim that you are content – even if your life has problems.  You can insist that the problems aren’t big enough to worry about.  You can pretend there aren’t any problems or…you can ask “why”?

  • Why is this problem in my life?
  • What is the cause of this problem?
  • What is different about my life that encourages this problem?
  • Why is this problem present in my life and not my friend’s life?
  • If I change what I’m doing, will the problem get better?
  • Is it possible to have a better life?


All of these questions (and a hundred more) will uncover the clues you need to find the solution for your “unique” life.  Asking the question “why?” is the Key to a better life.  No one in the world is exactly like you.  You need to ask questions that pertain to your life and the unique way you have lived your life.

Listen to others.  Weigh their suggestions.  Read posts that we provide.  Read other blogs and websites.  Be informed but always begin your Decoder Maps and your Solution Maps with the best question in the world….Why?


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