A few funnies….

If laughter, love and compassion fill your home,your children will always return.

Every week I post jokes and quotes from Darlene’s daily.  I hope you will share them with your family.  One of the most important facts about having a successful family is that you must “plan” down time, laughter time and sweet moments of silliness.  Don’t be afraid to stop the busy engine in your home and laugh!

Here’s a few funnies to give you a giggle.

The wife turned to her husband and asked, “Will you love me when my hair turns gray?”

“Why not?” he said. “Haven’t I loved you through five other shades?”


A young man was proposing to his girlfriend: “Honey, I love you, but I wish I could give you the things my friend Benny has –boats, cars, airplanes — but honey, I really love you.”

She replied, “I love you too, baby, but tell me more about Benny.”


Dave told his wife Marylou he would take her out to dine like royalty.

Later Marylou reported, “We started out at Burger King and wound up at the Dairy Queen.”


She: “This is an ideal spot for a picnic.”

He: “It must be. Fifty million insects can’t be wrong.”


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