Fact Sheets – You are the Expert

Contemporary psychology, the scientific community and political figures want to tell you what to do.  Every new book suggests that their plan is the only plan that works.  They do their best to push every reader into the same mold.  Most of the counseling I’ve done has been to comfort destroyed lives because someone believed an “expert” rather than ask questions and trust their own judgment.

It is important to listen and consider “all views” when building your clues chart.  Reading about different pieces of the puzzle is important.  The “FACT” however, is that no one can insist a plan will work in your life – because they don’t have the “FACTS” on you!  You are the only person in the entire world (Except for God of course) that knows every fact, every situation and every thought about you.  Finding those facts – even the most microscopic facts – is the only way to become an expert on your own life.

That’s why it is so important to ask questions.  When considering a statement by someone else – question it!  Tear it apart.  Look at it from all sides.  If it can’t stand strong to your scrutiny – then it’s probably not true!  If it’s not logical and doesn’t follow the pattern for an absolute statement – walk away.  If it’s presented as an absolute but falls apart when applied to different areas of life – it’s not an absolute.

Personal FACT:  My entire Christian life has been based on a challenge.  If you can show me a better way to live, a philosophy that creates a better life, better self-esteem, chances for a better society – I’ll change.  Several times I’ve been challenged and had to tear into my faith with a vengeance.  I’ve questioned every area and had to research difficult opposing thoughts.  Yet, no one has ever been able to prove to me that their faith, philosophy or lifestyle is better than Christianity.  You must become the same type of expert on your own life.  I know what I believe but I also know who I am and what will work in my own life.  You must be the expert of your life!

Every thing you read, every lecture you listen to, every plan you investigate must be “filtered” through your life.  It must be tweaked by your beliefs, your needs, your goals, and your personality.  If it can’t be tweaked – it will not work in your life or with your family. 

Never turn the decision making power of your life and your family over to anyone else.  You (and God) are the only experts on your life!  You are the only individual that can make your life a success.


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