Fact Sheet – Influence on Society

Every day you and your child are bombarded with images of negative behavior.  There is no escaping the “FACT” that we become what we see, hear and read.

While Hollywood, music moguls and video game producers want you to believe that watching their constant stream of violence, anger, fighting, greed, lying, perversion and the portrayal of soft bullying (destruction of self-esteem) is a reflection of society not an “influence” on society – that philosophy doesn’t ring true when coupled with the goal and mission of any marketing firm.

If marketing firms can influence our behavior and change our behavior patterns (thereby making millions) by showing us images and appealing to our emotions – then it is possible for anyone to use this tactic to change our beliefs. 

If the government, political figures and public announcements are able to change our feelings and beliefs then so can Hollywood.

The “FACT” is that you, your family and your children are influenced on a daily basis by what they read, watch and hear.  Every show, every musical note, every word from you, teachers or books – all of it influences your behavior and the behaviors of your family.

TO CREATE A BETTER FAMILY  you must design a plan that will counter balance the images and actions your family encounters.


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